Monday, May 12, 2008

David Archuleta's Dad Banned From American Idol Rehersals

The rumors have been flying about David Archuleta's dad controlling every move he makes. Even down to his song selection. Apparently, this is an uber case of a parent living vicariously through their kid. Well, the rumor mill is screaming right now of news that David's dad has been banned from the rehearsals because he is so disruptive.


This guy really needs to take a chill pill and let his Son cool off a bit. You can see poor David Archuleta is about to have a nervous breakdown every week on American Idol! I feel sorry for the kid!

They should just ban his Dad from the entire freakin' show. No parent should be that controlling over their kid. Sure, David is there competing against grown ups, but this should also be a time when David is having fun, not a time when Daddy is breathing down his neck and fighting with the people at American Idol!

He should be out with the other contestants shopping for designer clothes like a ralph lauren shirt, Coach Handbags, iPod accessories or the huge list of other things these deprived contestants go after on LA shopping sprees.

The rumors started way before Simon actually scolded David on his song selection a few weeks ago. Simon said "I'd be really surprised if you chose that song yourself". Afterward, David swore that he had indeed chose that song. But we were all left to wonder!

There is no telling how many other times David's Dad has poked his nose into David's business. This competition is David's to lose, that is, if he doesn't let his Dad ruin it for him. You know that if David doesn't win, there'll be speculation on whether or not his Dad had anything to do with it.

Let's face it, David Archuleta is a great singer. No doubt about it. However I think we all know that his Dad's medling is about to cost him the win. One of the best things Dad can do is sit down and shut up and just be there for David Archuleta as he competes in the Top 3 of American Idol.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 1 | David Archuleta

Week 1 David Archuleta's American Idol Performance

The first week of performances on American Idol Season 7 had David Archuleta knocking the American Idol judges dead! This kid got up and belted out a song that made you forget how old he was. Even Simon was impressed with David Archuleta's performance!

To further his performance, David Archuleta had a commanding and very entertaining stage performance. Besides singing ability, it's no secret that the American Idol judges look for qualities of a good entertainer. They want someone that can get up there and energize a crowd not only by their singing, but by their actions as well. David Archuleta was the total package last night and it showed.

Why David Archuleta Can Win American Idol

David Archuleta brings a freshness quality to the field of contestants that we don't see with any of the other performers. I think David Archuleta has what it takes to go all the way. The important thing to remember here is that David Archuleta is competing with some professional singers and not some new talent just discovered. If this were the case, I think David would win hands down. It's no secret that American Idol has allowed many singers with past recording contracts and previoius gigs with bands into the lineup this year. In fact, besides David Archuleta, I can only think of maybe 2 or 3 others who've never had professional experience.

Another quality of David Archuleta is that he just has this air of fun around him. You get the feeling he could walk into a crowd of strangers and walk out with all of them being his friends. He has that persona about him. You get the feeling that David Archuleta is the fun loving kid from next door. People like that. That kind of stuff is contageous! This is another reason I think David Archuleta will go far in this contest.

If David can keep this ability to have fun and pick the right songs from week to week, he'll have no problem of going all the way in the American Idol competition, whether or not he's competing against pro's or not. I'm telling you, this 17 year old boy from Utah has what it takes to beat the whole field. His only problem would be if he chose the wrong song, like Jason Yeager and Luke Menard did last night.

I also think that the judges like David Archuleta and that carries a lot of weight. Say what you want, but if Simon Cowell likes you (think back to Fantasia) then you'll do well and his sharp tongue will be easier on you. Whether you like it or not, Simon Cowell and the other judges do have an impact on how the votes go on American Idol. They're looking for someone who will be a good stage performer and a good recording artist. Don't forget, these people will have to go out and make lots of Money for American Idol even after the show is done, so Simon and the gang are looking for winners.

Simon and the other judges are looking for winners and performers. In fact, I'd say that Simon would take a lesser quality performer who could work the stage over a better singer who just stood there and looked stiff. Fortunately, David Archuleta doesn't have that problem!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is David Archuleta Good Enough To Survive American Idol?

Is David Archuleta Good Enough To Survive American Idol?

David Archuleta is a very talented and gifted artist, but good enough for the Top 12? It remains to be seen whether or not David Archuleta is good enough to make American Idol's Top 12..

A Few Things David Archuleta Will Have To Do

David Archuleta will have to sing songs like never before to capture viewers hearts. Song selection is critical and choosing the wrong song will send David Archuleta home from the American Idol competition.

Not only is the song selection very important for him, but David Archuleta will have to be at her best. As there are only a few true amateurs in the Top 24, this will make it harder for David Archuleta to reach the top 12.

Everybody knows by now that most of the Top 24 American Idol competitors have had either previous recording contracts or professional experience. This is something David Archuleta as well as the other American Idol contenders will have to deal with.

What about the American Idol judges?

Now that they're in the weekly competition, the Judges decision will not affect David Archuleta as much as in previous shows when Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell had the final decision. No, the judges will critique David Archuleta but it will be the American Idol viewers who have the final say in whether or not David Archuleta stays or goes.

Does Looks Hurt or Help David Archuleta?

Let's face it, David Archuleta is one of the better looking competitors this year on American Idol. Whether we like it or not, looks matter and this is an advantage for David Archuleta. Not only do looks count, but the wardrobe selection also matters, again, David Archuleta has shown style and class when choosing what to, or what not, to wear on stage.

Not only do looks count, but stage presence also counts and this is another positive that David Archuleta has. David Archuleta commands the stage and is entertaining to watch move around the stage. Interacting with the audience is another area where David Archuleta shines. Viewers like seeing performers interacting with the crowds.

What, If Any, Changes Should David Archuleta Make?

It's no secret that the American Idol Judges do not like to see competitors perform easy songs. They want the performers stretch their musical limits. This may be one area where David Archuleta does not have an edge. David Archuleta will have to resist the temptation so choose easy songs and pick hard songs that will not only impress the judges, but the Viewers as well.

Since there's been 6 years of American Idol so far, David Archuleta or the other competitors should not have a problem choosing songs. They should know what the viewers and judges like.

Another area that David Archuleta needs to stay away from is trying to sound like a famous performer. We've seen many American Idol competitors go down because they tried to be like someone else other than their self. Let's watch and see who makes this mistake this year.

Also, David Archuleta will want to watch what she says during interviews each week. We all know the camera looks for weeknesses. David Archuleta doesn't want to be seen appearing week or over confident. Both turn off Judges and TV watchers. There have been several times in the past that American Idol viewers were turned off by competitors appearing whining or cocky. David Archuleta will have to avoid making either of these mistakes.

David Archuleta Will Need Help From Other American Idol Competitors

Just selecting the right song, wearing the right clothes and having a perfect performance may not be enough for David Archuleta. David Archuleta will need help from other American Idol competitors as well. This means that at least one contestant will have to have poor song selection or have a poor performance for David Archuleta to make it to the American Idol top 12.

This will be true all the way to the end. As long as viewers dislike one other contestant more than they dislike David Archuleta, there'll be a spot in the Top 12 waiting.

What Impact Will The American Idol Judges Have?

If history is any indication, the American Idol Judges criticism will have little effect on whether or not David Archuleta makes it into the top 12. In the past, Simon, Paul and Randy have critisized competitors who made it all the way to the end. Although David Archuleta may have feelings that get hurt by bad comments from the Judges, it will be the viewers who ultimately decide on whether or not David Archuleta makes it into the American Idol Top 12. For example, last year Taylor Hicks was critisized several times by Simon as being nothing more than a lounge singer, yet viewers ultimately chose him as the American Idol for Season 6. David Archuleta will need to make sure the crowds are pleased, not the Judges.

What Do The American Idol Viewers Like?

American Idol is really about contemporary Pop music. That is the most popular music played today and that's where the money is and American Idol knows this. This is why country singers, Blues and Rock singers have all had a hard time making it into the Top 12. They're trying to sing songs that they are not familiar or comfortable with. I believe Chris Daughtery is a fine example. He probably made it further than any other Non-Pop singer and by all rights, was by far the best of all of Season 6 competitors. So how did Taylor Hicks win? Because he had a better stage performance than Chris and could sing popular songs while doing it. Look at where Chris is now at the top of the charts. It's been stated that Taylor Hicks has just lost his contract. If David Archuleta wants to make it to the top, song selection and stage performance had better please the younger Pop loving generation.

David Archuleta has a pretty good chance of making American Idol's Top 12. If you're a fan of David Archuleta, you need to get on the phone each week and vote to make it happen. Only viewers will tell whether or not David Archuleta is in the Top 12.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

David Archuleta | Top 24 American Idol

David Archuleta Top 12 American Idol

David Archuleta advanced in American Idol's competition into the Top 24. David Archuleta was one of the favorites and easily won the spot in the Top 24 American Idol list.

The next stage for David Archuleta and other American Idol hopefuls is the weekly competiton rounds leading up to American Idol's Top 12. Unlike previous American Idol competition's, these are voted on by you the viewer, not determined by the judges. No one doubts that David Archuleta has what it takes to make the American Idol top 12. All that stands in the way is a poor performance or poor song choice, or perhaps even a bad night by the judges.

David Archuleta certainly has a bank of songs to choose from. However, as we've seen in the past, some American Idol hopefuls do a poor job of choosing songs and this could be David Archuleta's downfall on the American Idol stage.

David Archuleta will need the smooth yet powerful voice to help advance in the competition, no doubt. And let’s face it. There have been American Idol contestants in the past who’ve made it a long ways in the compeition that wasn’t as talented as David Archuleta. But we all know that sometimes it’s not the most talented that go on to the final 12 in American Idol competition, sometimes it’s nothing more than a local favorite getting their hometown (or home state or home country…read Sanjiya) to vote for them.

David Archuleta has what it takes to make it to the Top 3 in the American Idol competition, the only question mark at this time is can it be done with a fickle crowd and can the song choices and performances go off without a hitch?

We’ll just have to turn on American Idol and watch American Idol every week to see if David Archuleta can wow the fans of American Idol.

Friday, February 15, 2008

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

David Archuleta auditioned for American Idol in San Diego and is from Utah.

David Archuleta is a breath of fresh air for season 7 of American Idol. This young boy is just so schoolboyish. He is like a child. Different than other sixteen and 17-year-olds that decked American Idol, David Archuleta isn't attempting to behave older or embody somebody else. He is merely being a child on the largest stage on dry land. How far can he go? I don't know, I just hope he does not break up under the influence of some of the bigger names on American Idol next week.

Did anyone catch Randy's "Oh, he so young and talented" dog and pony show?

David Archuleta even had the background singer crying while he sang “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.

Not everyone is a David Archuleta’s advocate. Some say he's getting a big push from American Idol so they can try and capture that High School crowd demographic.

David Archuleta is from from Murray, UT so look for Utah to support him big time when the performances start.

Not many people know that David Archuleta won the Junior Singer category of Star Search in 2003 when he was 12 years old. This is feuling the fire amont American Idol faithful about there being so many contestants this year that have prior performing experience.

Just prior to aucitioning, David said he had problems with his vocal cords. He now says that they're healed. He sang “Waiting for the World to Change”. This guys looks like he’s going straight into the Top 24.

Anyway, David Archuleta has his own fanclub called the Arch Angels if anyone wants to look him up and join the fan club.

David Archuleta could be the first male power singer on American Idol. He has the voice and stamina to keep the songs coming, if his vocal cords do not act up again. I look forward to seeing David Archuleta in the upcoming weeks on American Idol.

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