Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 1 | David Archuleta

Week 1 David Archuleta's American Idol Performance

The first week of performances on American Idol Season 7 had David Archuleta knocking the American Idol judges dead! This kid got up and belted out a song that made you forget how old he was. Even Simon was impressed with David Archuleta's performance!

To further his performance, David Archuleta had a commanding and very entertaining stage performance. Besides singing ability, it's no secret that the American Idol judges look for qualities of a good entertainer. They want someone that can get up there and energize a crowd not only by their singing, but by their actions as well. David Archuleta was the total package last night and it showed.

Why David Archuleta Can Win American Idol

David Archuleta brings a freshness quality to the field of contestants that we don't see with any of the other performers. I think David Archuleta has what it takes to go all the way. The important thing to remember here is that David Archuleta is competing with some professional singers and not some new talent just discovered. If this were the case, I think David would win hands down. It's no secret that American Idol has allowed many singers with past recording contracts and previoius gigs with bands into the lineup this year. In fact, besides David Archuleta, I can only think of maybe 2 or 3 others who've never had professional experience.

Another quality of David Archuleta is that he just has this air of fun around him. You get the feeling he could walk into a crowd of strangers and walk out with all of them being his friends. He has that persona about him. You get the feeling that David Archuleta is the fun loving kid from next door. People like that. That kind of stuff is contageous! This is another reason I think David Archuleta will go far in this contest.

If David can keep this ability to have fun and pick the right songs from week to week, he'll have no problem of going all the way in the American Idol competition, whether or not he's competing against pro's or not. I'm telling you, this 17 year old boy from Utah has what it takes to beat the whole field. His only problem would be if he chose the wrong song, like Jason Yeager and Luke Menard did last night.

I also think that the judges like David Archuleta and that carries a lot of weight. Say what you want, but if Simon Cowell likes you (think back to Fantasia) then you'll do well and his sharp tongue will be easier on you. Whether you like it or not, Simon Cowell and the other judges do have an impact on how the votes go on American Idol. They're looking for someone who will be a good stage performer and a good recording artist. Don't forget, these people will have to go out and make lots of Money for American Idol even after the show is done, so Simon and the gang are looking for winners.

Simon and the other judges are looking for winners and performers. In fact, I'd say that Simon would take a lesser quality performer who could work the stage over a better singer who just stood there and looked stiff. Fortunately, David Archuleta doesn't have that problem!

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