Monday, May 12, 2008

David Archuleta's Dad Banned From American Idol Rehersals

The rumors have been flying about David Archuleta's dad controlling every move he makes. Even down to his song selection. Apparently, this is an uber case of a parent living vicariously through their kid. Well, the rumor mill is screaming right now of news that David's dad has been banned from the rehearsals because he is so disruptive.


This guy really needs to take a chill pill and let his Son cool off a bit. You can see poor David Archuleta is about to have a nervous breakdown every week on American Idol! I feel sorry for the kid!

They should just ban his Dad from the entire freakin' show. No parent should be that controlling over their kid. Sure, David is there competing against grown ups, but this should also be a time when David is having fun, not a time when Daddy is breathing down his neck and fighting with the people at American Idol!

He should be out with the other contestants shopping for designer clothes like a ralph lauren shirt, Coach Handbags, iPod accessories or the huge list of other things these deprived contestants go after on LA shopping sprees.

The rumors started way before Simon actually scolded David on his song selection a few weeks ago. Simon said "I'd be really surprised if you chose that song yourself". Afterward, David swore that he had indeed chose that song. But we were all left to wonder!

There is no telling how many other times David's Dad has poked his nose into David's business. This competition is David's to lose, that is, if he doesn't let his Dad ruin it for him. You know that if David doesn't win, there'll be speculation on whether or not his Dad had anything to do with it.

Let's face it, David Archuleta is a great singer. No doubt about it. However I think we all know that his Dad's medling is about to cost him the win. One of the best things Dad can do is sit down and shut up and just be there for David Archuleta as he competes in the Top 3 of American Idol.

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