Friday, January 16, 2009

Will David Archuleta Show Up At This Years American Idol?

Some are speculating that David Archuleta may show up at this years American Idol show. Well, if history is any teacher, you can expect several of last years contestants to show up. David Archuleta will probably be one of them since he finished so high in last years contest.

Other contestants you'll likely see is the other Dave along with Michael Johns and probably some of the cuties like Amy Davis or Amanda Overmyer.

This years contest promises to be a good one. With a sagging viewing audience, look for the people at American Idol to use new tricks to lure and keep new viewers.

While David Archuleta and his father have seemed to patched things up, or should we say American Idol and David's dad have seemed to patch things up, don't look for David Archuleta to be a mainstay at this years show. Probably one, two at the most, cameo appearances.

That is, unless David has a new album to promote, which at this point doesn't look like it will happen. From what I can tell, David Cook and Josiah Leming were the only two offered recording deals. This has really been an embarassment for the people at American Idol because they allowed so many 'Semi Professional' contestants in the show last year. They really took heat over that decision.

There was a rumor that David along with a few other past contestants might show up at the American Idol Arizona auditions in Phoenix, but that didn't seem to pan out either.

Anyhow, we hope to see more of David Archuleta this year on American Idol. I think they should make him a Judge. He could certainly do better than Paula, except when she's wacked...LOL

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