Tuesday, March 3, 2009

David Archuleta Rocks On American Idol

Did you see David Archuleta on American Idol? I thought this kid couldn't get any better but he's come a long way in a year. I simply love his singing!

I wonder if his dad is still managing his career. Perhaps that is one reason David Archuleta's singing is getting better? For whatever reason, I hope this kid keeps doing what he's been doing. It's working. I'm betting he'll have a major music album in the not to distant future.

I wouldn't be surprised if record labels are lining up around the block to sign David Archuleta up to a multi record deal. Once his contract is through with Simon's company, I look for some really good things from this guy!

Just imagine, being that young and rolling in the money and the sexy babes...poor David won't know what to do with his self...wonder if he needs some help? Oh I forget, he's got dear ole dad to help!

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